Bills Maine Farm Bureau Opposes:

LD109  An Act To Allow Sunday Hunting by Landowners and Those with Landowner Permission
LD11  RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Establish the Right To Hunt and Fish
LD117  An Act To Strengthen the Farm and Open Space Tax Law
LD15  An Act Concerning the Property Tax Levy Limit
LD157  An Act To Require the Reporting of Animal Cruelty or Neglect
LD1599  An Act To Improve the Maine Tree Growth Tax Law
LD189  An Act To Allow Bird Hunting on Sunday in Aroostook County and Unorganized Townships in Western Maine
LD241  An Act To Eliminate the Authority of Game Wardens To Violate the Hunting and Fishing Laws When Carrying Out the Duties of the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
LD245  An Act To Repeal the Affirmative Defense for Cruelty to Animals
LD276  An Act To Require a Game Warden’s Certificate To Kill Wild Animals Causing Damage to Crops or Orchards and Notification to Nearby Residents
LD424  An Act To Extend the Big Game Season in Coastal Wildlife Management Areas
LD485  An Act To Allow Migratory Game Birds To Be Hunted on Sundays
LD541  An Act Regarding the Commercial Forestry Excise Tax
LD548  An Act To Amend Laws Relating to Agricultural Pulling Events
LD61  An Act To Allow Bird Hunting on Sundays by Licensed Hunters Using a Shotgun
LD699  An Act To Enact the Toxic Chemicals in the Workplace Act