129th Legislature


Maine Farm Bureau lobbies on the priorities set by our members. The most important benefit of being a Maine Farm Bureau member is the ability to vote on policy positions each year to promote legislation which support and preserve Maine farms.

Below is the list of bills Maine Farm Bureau members have voted to Support, Oppose or Monitor. For more information about Maine Farm Bureau’s positions on each bill and the actions taken, become a member today!


Maine Farm Bureau – The Voice of Maine Agriculture! 

LD# Title Sponsor
LD 4, HP0005 An Act To Encourage Applied Shellfish Research Rep. Alley
LD 24, HP0025 Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Chapter 26: Producer Margins, a Major Substantive Rule of the Maine Milk Commission N/A
LD 27, HP0028 An Act To Allow the Use of Crossbows during the Archery Season on Deer Rep. Theriault
LD 33, HP0034 An Act To Establish a Thanksgiving Youth Turkey Hunting Season Rep. Tuell
LD 60, HP0057 An Act To Require the Disclosure of the Names of Members of a Limited Liability Company Rep. Fecteau
LD 64, HP0061 An Act To Make Post-Conviction Possession of Animals a Criminal Offense Rep. Bailey
LD 74, SP0027 An Act To Reform Maine’s Fish and Wildlife Management System Sen. Pouliot
LD 86, HP0072 An Act To Provide That Persons Who Produce Maple Syrup and Honey Commercially Are Eligible for the Sales Tax Refund and Exemption for Commercial Agricultural Production Rep. Kinney
LD 101, HP0087 An Act To Reestablish the Pesticide Notification Registry Rep. Pluecker
LD 106, SP0034 An Act To Amend the Maine Veterinary Practice Act Relating to Alternative Therapy or Collaborative Treatment Sen. Guerin
LD 113, HP0095 An Act To Exclude Antique Tractors from the Laws Governing Motor Vehicle Racing Rep. Johansen
LD 119, HP0101 An Act To Base the Motor Vehicle Excise Tax on the Sale Price Rep. Cebra
LD 127, HP0109 An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Maine Potato Board Districts Rep. Martin
LD 144, HP0126 An Act To Opt Out of Federal Daylight Saving Time and To Ask the United States Secretary of Transportation To Place the State in the Atlantic Time Zone Rep. Kessler
LD 145, HP0127 An Act To Expand Membership of the Wild Blueberry Commission of Maine Rep. Alley
LD 146, HP0128 An Act To Make the Assessment and Collection of Personal Property Taxes Optional for Municipalities Rep. Cebra
LD 147, HP0129 An Act To Extend Internet Availability in Rural Maine Rep. Alley
LD 161, SP0048 An Act To Increase Access to Career and Technical Education Sen. Woodsome
LD 173, HP0136 An Act To Promote Economic Development and Critical Communication for Family Farms, Bussinesses and Residences by Strategic Public Investment in High-speed Internet Rep. McCrea
LD 175, HP0138 An Act To Extend the Deer Hunting Season by 2 Saturdays Rep. McCrea
LD 188, HP0151 An Act To Provide for an Expanded Muzzle-loading-only Deer Hunting Season Rep. Tuell
LD 197, HP0160 An Act To Convene a Working Group To Authorize a Public Trust for Maine’s Groundwater and To Impose a 2-year Moratorium on Large-scale Groundwater Extraction Rep. Sylvester
LD 198, HP0161 An Act To Require That Nonmotorized Carriages Be Equipped with Reflectors and Lights Rep. McCrea
LD 199, HP0162 An Act To Create the Water Resources Planning Committee Rep. Sylvester
LD 219, HP0182 An Act To Improve Working Conditions for Maine’s Veterans and Immigrants Rep. Sylvester
LD 220, HP0183 An Act To Improve Pay for Certain Maine Workers Rep. Sylvester
LD 241, HP0204 An Act To Adjust the Personal property Tax Exemption for Farm Machinery Rep. O’Neil
LD 243, SP0055 An Act To Create an Hourly Rate Compensation System for Loggers and Truckers Sen. Jackson
LD 255, SP0067 Resolution, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Require That Signatures on a Direct Initiative of Legislation Come from Each Congressional District Sen. Farrin
LD 261, SP0073 An Act To Restrict the Authority for Posting of Roads Sen. Black
LD 274, SP0086 An Act To Allow the Sale of Ethanol-free Gasoline Statewide Sen. Miramant
LD 275, SP0087 An Act To Change the Bag Limits on Wild Turkey Sen. Miramant
LD 292, HP0216 An Act To Feed Maine’s Residents by Allowing Dairy Dealers and Producers in the State To Donate Fresh Milk to Food Banks in the State Rep. Millett
LD 295, HP0219 An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Increase Rural Maine’s Access to Broadband Internet Service Rep. Brennan
LD 312, HP0236 An Act To Reduce the Cost of Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Small Employers Rep. Handy
LD 318, HP0243 An Act To Prepare All Students for Work and Life by Requiring That Students Receive Instruction in Vocational Preparation and Practical Life Skills Rep. Keschl
LD 321, HP0246 An Act To Ensure the Continuation of the Landowner Relations Program Rep. Keschl
LD 327, HP0252 An Act To Revise Maine’s Environmental Laws Rep. Tucker
LD 333, HP0258 An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Dangerous Dogs and Nuisance Dogs To Allow for Flexibility in Protection Dog Training Rep. Skolfield
LD 351, HP0277 An Act To Ensure Accuracy in the Labeling of Maine Meat and Poultry Rep. Pluecker
LD 354, SP0094 An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Encourage the Provision of Reliable High-speed Internet in Rural Underserved Areas of Maine Sen. Herbig
LD 355, SP0095 An Act To Exclude Domesticated Species Used for Agricultural Purposes from the Laws Governing Permits To Possess Wildlife in Captivity Sen. Black
LD 36, HP0037 An Act To Change the Composition of the Board of Pesticides Control Rep. Pluecker
LD 369, SP0110 An Act To Support Healthy Workplaces and Healthy Families by Providing Earned Paid Sick Leave to Certain Employees Rep. Millett
LD 374, HP0283 Resolution, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Require That Signatures on a Direct Initiative of Legislation Come from Each Senatorial District Rep. Stewart
LD 390, HP0299 An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Dangerous Buildings Rep. Johansen
LD 400, HP0309 An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Food Processing Infrastructure in Targeted Areas of the State Rep. Hickman
LD 410, HP0319 An Act To Eliminate the Subminimum Wage for Workers with Disabilities and Agricultural and Tipped Workers Rep. Brooks
LD 413, HP0319 An Act To Ensure the Rights of Citizens to Groundwater in the State Rep. Riseman
LD 420, HP0329 An Act To Amend the Maine Exclusion Amount in the Estate Tax Rep. Collings
LD 424, HP0333 An Act To Provide a Sales Tax Exemption for Bailing Twine, Net and Wrapping for Hay Rep. O’Neil
LD 425, HP0334 An Act To Strengthen Small Businesses in Rural Maine by Changing the Minimum Wage Rep. White
LD 434, HP0343 An Act To Price Carbon Pollution in Maine Rep. Rykerson
LD 444, SP0122 An Act To Fully Restore Revenue Sharing Sen. Bellows
LD 452, SP0130 An Act To Change the Penalty When Land under the Maine Tree Growth Tax Law is Transferred Sen. Moore
LD 454, SP0132 An Act To Encourage the Purchase of Local Produce for Public Schools Sen. Vitelli
LD 466, HP0350 An Act To Create a Diesel Fuel Tax Differential Rep. Tepler
LD 478, SP0142 An Act To Allow All-terrain Vehicles To Be Used on a Public Way Sen. Jackson
LD 495, SP0160 Resolve, Directing the Commissioner of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry To Conduct a Feasibility Study on Locating a Grain Processing Facility in Aroostook County Sen. Jackson
LD 497, SP0162 An Act Regarding the Providing of Human Food Waste to Swine Producers Sen. Guerin
LD 515, HP0372 An Act To Require Ingredient Lists at Certain Retail Food Locations Rep. Pluecker
LD 518, HP0375 An Act To Change the Exclusion Amount under the Estate Tax Rep. Brooks
LD 523, HP0380 An Act To Permit the Indoor Production of Industrial Hemp Rep. Johansen
LD 524, HP0381 Resolve, Regarding the Promotion of Composting Rep. Hickman
LD 526, HP0383 An Act To Require Horse-drawn Carriages and Wagons To Be Equipped with Reflectors Rep. Stanley
LD 547, SP0169 An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Support Maine Aquaculture Sen. Chipman
LD 568, HP0412 An Act To Change the Composition of the Maine Land Use Planning Commission Rep. Dunphy
LD 569, HP0413 Resolve, Directing the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry To Submit to the United States Secretary of Agriculture a Plan for Continued Implementation of the of the Maine Industrial Hemp Program Rep. Hickman
LD 595, SP0182 An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Unlawful Cutting of Trees Sen. Timberlake
LD 612, HP0440 An Act To Promote Youth Employment Rep. Bradstreet
LD 617, HP0445 An Act To Increase to 3 the Number of Youth Deer Hunting Days Rep. Hutchins
LD 620, HP0448 An Act Regarding Licensing of Land-based Aquaculture Facilities Rep. Dodge
LD 621, HP0449 An Act To Prohibit Extruded Polystyrene Food Service Containers Rep. Carney
LD 650, HP0471 An Act To Strengthen Maine’s Landowner Relations Program Rep. Corey
LD 687, HP0508 An Act To Restore the Former State of Maine Flag Rep. Cooper
LD 70, SP0023 An Act To Support the Trades through a Tax Credit for Apprenticeship Programs Sen. Herbig
LD 713, HP0518 An Act To Strengthen Maine’s Endangered Species Laws Rep. Nadeau
LD 715, HP0520 An Act To Change the Allocation Formula for Revenue from Slot Machines Rep. Handy
LD 723, HP0528 An Act To Enhance Resource Management of Submerged Lands between Impounded Waters Rep. Rykerson
LD 725, HP0530 An Act To Provide an Income Tax Credit To Encourage Small Business Hiring Rep. Fay
LD 754, HP0559 An Act To Ensure the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Trust Fund Continues To Promote Energy Efficiency and Benefit Maine Ratepayers Rep. Wadsworth
LD 782, SP0226 An Act Relating to Animals in Pulling Events Sen. Carpenter
LD 786, SP0230 An Act To Reduce Hunger and Promote Maine Agriculture Sen. Jackson
LD 795, HP0583 RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Establish a Right to Food Rep. Hickman
LD 796, HP0584 An Act To Reestablish the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources and the Department of Conservation Rep. Hickman
LD 797, HP0585 An Act To Limit Greenhouse Gas Pollution and Effectively Use Maine’s Natural Resources Rep. Tucker
LD 805, SP0240 An Act To Clarify the Laws Governing Taste Testing and Retail Sales of Liquor at Farmers’ Markets Sen. Deschambault
LD 808, SP0244 An Act To Create a Youth Wage Sen. Timberlake
LD 818, SP0254 An Act To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Sen. Sanborn
LD 824, HP0598 An Act To Allow a Municipality To Opt Out of Collecting Personal Property and Business Equipment Taxes Rep. Theriault
LD 854, HP0628 An Act To Improve Tax Incentives for Broadband Service Rep. Ackley
LD 889, SP0255 An Act To Require the Labeling of Foods Made with Nanotechnology Sen. Chipman
LD 891, SP0257 An Act To Preserve Maine’s Heritage by Expanding Maine Youth Hunting Sen. Keim
LD 893, SP0259 An Act To Create an updated Unified Maine Climate Action Plan Sen. Dill
LD 903, HP0667 An Act to Improve Corporate Tax Fairness by Amending the Rates Imposed on Corporate Income Rep. Cuddy
LD 908, HP0672 An Act To Require Schools To Submit Pest Management Activity logs and inspection Results to the Board of Pesticides Control for the Purpose of Providing Information to the Public Rep. Larsen-Daughtry
LD 910, HP0674 An Act To Establish as a Priority the Interests of Maine Farmers, Growers and Food Producers Rep. Terry
LD 920, HP0675 An Act To Establish the Fund To Support Local Fruits and Vegetables Purchasing Rep. Pluecker
LD 939, HP0694 An Act Regarding the Regulation of Rabbit Production for Local Consumption Rep. Larsen-Daughtry
LD 948, HP0703 An Act To Restrict Ordinances That Affect the Posting of Property for Municipal and Private Land Rep. Corey
LD 950, HP0705 An Act To Develop a State Energy Plan To Provide a Pathway to an Energy Portfolio Free of Fossil Fuels Rep. Devin
LD 971, HP0726 An Act To Encourage the Purchase and Sale of Locally Grown and Raised Crops and Products Rep. Dunphy
LD 1031, HP0761 An Act To Base the Vehicle and Mobile Home Excise Tax on Actual Value Rep. Ordway
LD 1040, HP0770 An Act To Waive the Variance Process for Harvesting Timber in a Shoreland Zone Rep. Arata
LD 1063, HP0786 An Act To Support the Role of Municipalities in Expanding Broadband Infrastructure Rep. McCreight
LD 1074, HP0797 An Act To Establish a Tax on Water Extracted for Bottling in Order To Secure the Economic Future of Rural Maine Rep. Gramlich
LD 1080, HP0803 Resolve, Regarding Biofuel in Number 2 Heating Oil Rep. Riley
LD 1117, SP0337 An Act To Encourage Turkey Hunting Sen. Bellows
LD 1143, HP0832 An Act To Exclude Tractor Pulling from Certain Rules Governing Motor Vehicle Racing Rep. Wadsworth
LD 1150, HP0839 An Act To Amend the Maine Tree Growth Tax Law To Encourage Public Access Rep. Martin
LD 1159, HP0848 Resolve, To End Hunger in Maine by 2030 Rep. Hickman
LD 1167, HP0850 An Act To Increase Consumption of Maine Foods in State Institutions Rep. Hickman
LD 1179, HP0853 An Act To Expand Coyote Hunting to Every Day of the Coyote Hunting Season and To Eliminate Fees Rep. McCrea
LD 1186, HP0860 An Act To Exempt Agricultural Fairs from the Assessment of Demand Charges for Electricity Rep. Higgins
LD 1211, HP0875 An Act To Protect Farm Workers by Allowing Them To Organize for the Purpose of Collective Bargaining Rep. Harnett
LD 1230, HP0891 An Act To Update the Civil Animal Welfare Laws Rep. Nadeau
LD 1251, HP0912 An Act To make agricultural Workers and Other Workers Employees under the Wage and Hour Laws Rep. Harnett
LD 1273, SP0393 An Act To Ensure Funding for Certain Essential Functions of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Pesticide Safety Education Program Sen. Black
LD 1307, SP0403 An Act To Promote Snowmobiling in Maine Sen. Timberlake
LD 1316, HP0951 An Act To Make It Explicit That Maine Holds Title to Its Intertidal Lands Rep. Evangelos
LD 1323, SP0411 An Act To Revise the Laws Regarding the Public Trust in Intertidal Lands Sen. Dow
LD 1345, HP0973 An Act To Ensure a Fair Workweek Rep. Melaragno
LD 1358, HP0980 An Act To Further the Public Interest in All Maine Waters Rep. Gramlich