Legislative Information

Trying to figure out what goes on in Augusta can be overwhelming.  Although Maine Farm Bureau Committees and Staff have the experience and commit the time to making sure nothing that affects you falls through the cracks, sometimes you may want to see for yourself where things stand.  Following are some links and tips to help you begin to navigate our legislative process.

127th Legislature

This is a page on our own Maine Farm Bureau web site where we list the bills that our committees and staff are monitoring on your behalf.  Visit this page for a quick, concise list of bills we are following with links to the bill on the Maine Legislature’s web site, along with the official Maine Farm Bureau position taken on your behalf.  When possible we also include text of any written testimony submitted by the Maine Farm Bureau.

Maine State Legislature Home Page

From the Legislature Home page you can find just about anything you want given the time and fortitude to navigate through it all.  We are very fortunate to have these resources available to us in Maine.  It isn’t this easy in every State.

Search For A Bill

This link takes you to a page that allows you to search for a bill, or bills that meet your search criteria.  For example, from this page you can easily search if you know the “LD” number.  There is a link to advanced search if you want to search by committee, subject, LR number, or other variables.  Finally, there is a link to “Search the Bill Text” if you know the subject matter or some key word or phrase, but don’t know any of the other specifics.

This link takes you to detailed information about the bill including the full text of the bill, the committee considering it with hearing schedules, and the ultimate legislative disposition of the bill.


This link takes you to a page where you can select the Joint Standing Committee you’d like to study, and it will take you to a page that includes all the important information about that committee including lists of members, bills scheduled for hearing, and how you can actually listen to proceedings live over the internet.

Other Useful Information

The “Search For A Bill” page also has “Related Links” to other legislative information such as members, calendars, and rules for both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

We hope this helps you get started.