130th Maine Legislature

Maine Farm Bureau lobbies on the priorities set by our members. The most important benefit of being a Maine Farm Bureau member is the ability to vote on policy positions each year to promote legislation important to your farm.


Maine Farm Bureau – The Voice of Maine Agriculture! 

After careful consideration and much discussion, Maine Farm Bureau decided to focus legislative efforts on bills that would likely not have a fiscal note, due to the extreme state budget shortfall. Here is a list of bills sponsored by Maine Farm Bureau member legislators:

The definition of cider be changed to exclude shelf stable cider. Sponsored by Senator Black

Maine will allow custom slaughter houses to produce cuts to be sold commercially in the State of Maine. Sponsored by Senator Timberlake

State regulations shall be amended to include birch syrup in the same licensing requirements as maple syrup. Sponsored by Representative Kinney

Amend the law to state that the minimum age of rabbits to be 6 weeks at the time of sale for a single rabbit. Sponosred by Senator Stewart and Representative Kinney

Limit the decibel level of fireworks near livestock farms. Sponsored by Senator Cyrway

Check back weekly for an updated list of bills Maine Farm Bureau will Support, Oppose or Monitor.

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