MFB History

Started in 1951, Maine Farm Bureau was developed as a nongovernmental, nonprofit, voluntary organization that lobbies for issues important to agriculture, landowners and the rural way of life.

Maine Farm Bureau was formed to analyze problems and implement solutions important to Maine’s rural families. Farm families across the state unite in boardrooms, at kitchen tables, in grange halls or at member farms to discuss ways to preserve agriculture as a way of life and as an industry in Maine.

However, farmers are not the only members of Maine Farm Bureau. Farmers and landowners throughout our great state are both beneficiaries of the work we do.

Maine Farm Bureau is unmatched in representing and providing programs and services that keep farm families producing, while also protecting the property rights of any landowner in the state of Maine. Maine Farm Bureau works hard to ensure our state’s farms are thriving and safe, allowing fresh food to be available for your table. We work to preserve open space and lands for recreation for your enjoyment. We work to protect the environment and maintain our wildlife habitat. Farm Bureau members know that the organization is on the front lines, working with them and for them.

Maine Farm Bureau offers many programs through which everyone can be involved to maintain a “Quality of Life — the Maine Way!”

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