2021 Committees and Committee Goals

At the December 18, 2020 Board of Directors meeting, committees to work on various projects for the new year were established. The overall goals are to keep strong legislative advocacy, improve communication with members, help County Farm Bureau chapters weather the COVID pandemic, improve organization management, assist young farmers, and evaluate our building location for improvements.

If you are interested in serving on any of these committees, please send us an email.

Board Management

The Board Management Committee will assist with board education and training.

Budget and Financials

The Budget and Financials Committee will perform the important work of reviewing financials and preparing the budget.

Building Relocation Visioning Committee

The Building Relocation Visioning Committee will review the financial status of the Building Organization; and develop vision, rationale and options for Farm Bureau building relocation.


The Bylaws Committee will review the bylaws and recommend changes to be presented at the 2021 Annual Meeting.

County Relationship Review Committee

The County Relationship Review Committee will assist Counties in engaging their members; help County Boards with meetings, financials, legal filings; and explore possible future options for new Regional organizations, structure and funding for Bylaw changes in 2022.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee wil review the current investment strategy and advisors and make recommended changes to the Board of Directors.

Land Use Committee

The Land Use Committee will work to protect the rights of all farmers to use the tools necessary for best management practices.

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee will meet weekly to review the bills presented by the 130th Maine Legislature and vote to take positions on bills that may impact agriculture.

Newsletter and Communications

The Newsletter and Communications Committee will assist with content development for e-newsletter and review the future of The Maine Farmer.

Personnel Management Committee

The Personnel Management Committee will conduct hiring reviews, as needed, for new positions; and review Executive Director job description and duties, revamp as needed.

Policy and Resolutions Development

The Policy and Resolutions Development Committee will revamp the Maine Farm Bureau Policy Book and establish access for members on the website.

Property Rights Committee

The Property Rights Committee will work to improve farmers’ ability to control wildlife; and work to strengthen the Right to Farm law.

Young Farmers and Ranchers

The Young Farmers and Ranchers Committee consists of farmers between the ages of 18 to 35. This Committee elects a Chair that serves on the Board of Directors and works to support the educational and development needs of young farmers.