2020-21 Policies


The Annual Resolutions Meeting held on November 18th yielded 22 Resolutions which were presented for discussion and action. 18 Resolutions were eventually approved and incorporated into a 2021 Policy Document, which is available upon request.
Approved resolutions included developing legislation to allow custom slaughter houses to process meat to be used commercially in Maine sales; adding Birch syrup in with maple syrup regulations; requiring retailers to allow for cash transactions; encouraging solar farms to allow for continued livestock grazing; strengthening the Right to Farm law; encouraging blanket prescriptions for EpiPens by farmers to protect workers and customers; reducing the cost of work visas; reducing the age of sale of rabbits back to 6 weeks old; limiting the decibel level of fireworks near livestock farms; establishing a mentor program for young farmers; lowering membership fees for retired farmers; improving communication between new and existing Farm Bureau members and the State Office; eliminating municipal property and excise taxes on Farm machinery; and better education of municipal tax assessors.
As you can see, there is a wide variety of issues facing Maine farmers every year. It will now be up to the Farm Bureau Board of Directors to prioritize which issues to go after this year, and to continue to pursue those from previous years. Members need to prepare to help support legislation this session!

Voting Delegates discuss and vote on resolutions presented at the 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting.