Krysta West Joins Maine Farm Bureau Staff

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Krysta West of Readfield has joined the team at Maine Farm Bureau as our new Director of Communications and Outreach. In addition to working to strengthen our media presence, she will also fulfill many of the administrative duties.

Krysta is an avid gardener who raises pigs, turkeys, broilers and laying hens on six acres with her husband and newborn son, Gregory. This year, they are branching out to add livestock on the family property in New Portland. Together they enjoy preserving their bounty and teaching others how to can, freeze and dehydrate their harvest. They also forage mushrooms and other wild edibles and enjoy managing the family woodland for firewood and timber.

Professionally, Krysta has nearly ten years of experience in the field of advocacy and public policy. Most recently, she served as Communications Director for the Senate Republican Office for the 128th Legislature and the first half of the 129th Legislature.

An outdoorswoman, she currently serves on the board of directors for the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine’s Institute for Legislative Action which advocates for hunters, fishermen and trappers in Augusta.

Before returning to Maine, she worked for three years with the lobbying arm of the National Rifle Association in Virginia, advocating on behalf of the Second Amendment and hunters at the state and local level for half the country. During her time there, she advanced from a legislative aide to an associate lobbyist for her home state of Maine.

Prior to moving to Virginia, Krysta served the Senate Republican Caucus as a Legislative Aide during the 125th and 126th Legislatures, and as the clerk for the Environment and Natural Resources Committee.

“While my career has been in public policy, my heart has always been in farming and homesteading,” said Krysta. “I very much look forward to the opportunity to combine my skills and passion to work with the Maine Farm Bureau to help advance pro-farming policy in Augusta.”

Krysta can be reached at or (207) 622-4111.