Maine Farm Bureau works for the sustainability and prosperity of all sizes of farms. For more than 60 years, the Maine Farm Bureau has connected farmers to other farmers, but now instead of meeting up at the grange hall or county board meeting, you can talk to members anytime.

We have included some new services to better assist you. After interviewing hundreds of members, we learned that one of the biggest challenges farmers face is isolation, so we have developed a forum to connect farmers to other farmers. The forum allows you the opportunity to ask other farmers questions and receive responses from our experienced membership base. Want to know where to buy the cheapest feed, go ahead and ask! Want to know if other farmers are seeing an unusual pest on their crops? Just ask!

In addition, we have created a Buy/Sell section of our site. Looking for a used tractor? Post a request. Looking to sell your tractor? Just post. Think of it as a personalized Craigslist with people you can trust.

We are here to be a resource for your success.