The election on November 2nd is almost here, and your voice matters. Question 1 may have received most of the attention, but here at the Maine Farm Bureau we think that Question 3 is even more important for Maine farmers and every Mainer who eats food! The so-called “Right to Food” amendment sounds appetizing, but its vague language provides fertile ground for unintended consequences to hurt our farms, restaurants, and the many other small businesses that depend on us for safe and healthy food.

Vote No on 3 Because…

  • Food safety matters. Our farms and restaurants depend on Maine’s reputation for safe, high quality foods.
  • Diseased crops and invasive species hurt everyone. This amendment could allow folks without much farming knowledge to plant diseased seed potatoes or invasive species that can easily spread beyond their property.
  • Nobody knows what this amendment will really do. Proponents act like they can see the future, but so many folks from so many different industries have pointed out all of the bad things that could result from making this vague, overreaching change to Maine’s constitution.

When it comes to Question 3, the MFB is not just hoeing its own row; lots of other organizations are just as concerned about the unintended consequences of this bad measure. Our friends at Maine Potato Board testified against the amendment, and the Maine Municipal Association and Maine Dairy Industry Association have also stated their opposition. The Maine Veterinary Medical Association, the folks keeping our livestock healthy, are opposed, as are the big animal welfare organizations in the state, like the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals and the Maine Federation of Humane Societies. With all of these different organizations with very different perspectives saying “No to 3,” you know there’s a real problem!

What can you do?

  • Vote No on 3!
  • Forward this email to your friends, family, and other farmers.
  • Share MFB’s Facebook post about Question 3 to spread the word.

Want a second opinion? This is a complicated issue, and we’re sure not lawyers, but we know some folks who can help. The legal team at PretiFlaherty wrote a memorandum of law for the MSSPA; it focuses on animal welfare, but a lot of the same reasoning could be applied to food safety and other areas. The Bangor Daily News says No to 3, and the Penobscot Bay Pilot says it is as clear as mud. We’re on the same page there! There are lots of ways to help Maine families struggling to put food on the table–but this constitutional amendment just isn’t one of them. Please join the Maine Farm Bureau and put a stop to this unnecessary, harmful measure. Vote No on 3!