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    Phoenix Farm is a beautiful 50 acre farm with long, 270 degree views of Monmouth Ridge, an 80 acre bog, haylands, & 600 acre wildlife preserve, and includes a navigable stream and  25 acres of mixed hardwood and softwood.  This farm would be excellent for 10 acres of row crops and fruit orchards, for horse stalls and riding rink, or for chicken, eggs, goat, pig, and sheep production. The 10 acres of hay and crop land is rock free, sandy loam, &  4 acres have been limed, fed organically, weeded, and cover cropped biannuallly for high fertility.  The ex dairy farm has a hay barn, tractor barn and 5400 square feet animal barn, with numerous stalls and a bull pen, 5400 feet hay lofts, 10’ by 10’ walk in cooler, and a 11’ by 30′ passive solar greenhouse for starting seedlings. A 70 foot by 30 foot high tunnel with double plastic coating can be inflated to grow crops for 9 months of the year, with drip irrigation system.

    6 acres of pasture east of Jock Stream could be fenced for pasture adjacent to the woodlot, which could be thinned for extra pasture and firewood. The farm has mature crops of  raspberries, high bush blueberry plants,  elderberry  and  hazelnut bushes.

    This 2200 square foot, 5 bedroom house has been completely painted inside and out since 2013.  We added a new roof, septic field and tank, double pane windows, plastic undercoated, concrete basement floor, 85% efficient oil furnace and hot water tank since 2006. Two families can live in the house with upstairs bath, 3 bedrooms and a kitchen. Downstairs are two bedrooms, 1 bath and full kitchen downstairs, with large L shaped living room.

    2001 TAFE tractor with plow, disc, lime spreader,and bean/corn seeder: 1964 FarmALL C with weeding tines and double plow

    Price of 50 acres, barns and house $275,000, TAFE tractor $10,000, Farmall Cub C $3000

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