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    1,464.16 +/- Acres in Coos County 21 Yell Rd & Gray Mist Farm Northumberland, NH 03582

    Property consists of 17 parcels with the majority located at two farmsteads along the US-3 corridor within the village of Groveton in Northumberland, NH.

    • 740 acres of corn x 25.5 tons/acre = 18,360 silage tons
    • 320 acres of grassland x 13 tons/acre (3 cuts) = 4,160 silage tons
    • 30-50 acres of additional land converted to usable cropland in 2018

    The two farmsteads and cropland that once supported a dairy operation now operate as a satellite support operation for a dairy farm in nearby Vermont. Both farmsteads include heifer barns, multiple residences, and several farm support buildings. The landowner has made many land and infrastructure improvements over the last year. Although no milk is produced on the property, currently 650-750 heifers reside between the two farms on rotation with the Vermont operation. Currently set up well to raise dairy heifers or finishing beef cattle and grow a wide variety of agriculture, including vegetable, potatoes, corn, and more. All cropland is within a six mile radius of the main heifer facility, the Yell Rd Farm. The properties location offers many farm support services and excellent proximity to the Interstate Highway.

    For more information call Curtis at Preferred Properties: (802)862-9106 x81


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