What’s Happening This Week in the Legislature? March 25-29, 2019



Cross Building, Room 202, 9:00 am
Public Hearing
LD 1211, HP 875 An Act To Protect Farm Workers by Allowing Them To organize for the Purpose of Collective Bargaining – Harnett
This bill is an insult to Maine’s farmers. There has been no request to the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Harnett of Gardiner, by any farm worker for this bill to be presented, as there has never been an issue in Maine. Rep. Harnett is proposing this legislation based upon his work in New York during the 1980s. Collective bargaining existed for large egg farm workers in statute until 2011, until it was repealed, as it was no longer necessary. Most states do not have collective bargaining rights for agricultural workers, as, many years ago, Congress intentionally excluded agricultural workers from the National Labor Relations Act because of the threat to food production that could be caused by a strike. Farm crops are perishable commodities; allowing farmworkers to form bargaining collectives would put farmers in danger of not being able to get their crops off the field it there were a strike during a particular harvest, or leave dairy barns full of cows not getting milked. Most farms in Maine are small family farms, without a need or desire for collective bargaining rights.
Cross Building, Room 206, 9:00 am
Public Hearing
LD 1117, SP 337 An Act To Encourage Turkey Hunting – Bellows
LD 1179, HP 853 An Act To Expand Coyote Hunting Season and To Eliminate Fees – McCrea


House and Senate in Session, 10:00 am
Cross Building, Room 214, 1:00 pm
Public Hearing
LD 910, HP 674 An Act To Establish as a Priority the Interests of Maine Farmers, Growers and Food Producers – Terry
LD 1167, HP 850 An Act To Increase Consumption of Maine Foods in State Institutions -Hickman


Cross Building, Room 211, 9:00 am
Public Hearing
LD 1063, HP 786 An Act To Support the Role of Municipalities in Expanding Broadband Infrastructure – McCreight
Cross Building, Room 211, 1:00 pm
Public Hearing
LD 1186, HP 860 An Act To Exempt Agricultural Fairs from the Assessment of Demand Charges for Electricity – Higgins


House and Senate in Session, 10:00 am
State House, Room 127, 1:00 pm
Public Hearing
LD 452, SP 130 An Act To Change the Penalty When Land under the Maine Tree Growth Tax Law Is Transferred – Moore
LD 1150, HP 839 An Act To Amend the Maine Tree Growth Tax Law To Encourage Public Access – Martin