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What’s Happening This Week in the Legislature? February 11-15, 2019

Here’s what’s happening in the legislature this week that’s of interest to Maine farmers: – MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11TH – Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Cross Building, Room 206, 9:00 am – – LD 275, SP 87 An Act To Change the Bag Limits on Wild Turkey – Miramant – SUPPORT– LD 321, HP 246 An Act To Ensure the Continuation of… Read more >


Counties Engage Legislators

County Farm Bureaus from across the state are meeting with their legislators to discuss the issues and opportunities that current and future bills can provide Maine agriculture.

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LD 1481- Exempting commercial farmers and loggers from paying sales tax on off-road fuel

This Legislative session Maine Farm Bureau and the Professional Logging Contractors of Maine sponsored LD 1481. The bill is currently being discussed in both bodies of Legislature as the session nears its end. For more information regarding the bill and the impact it would have after becoming law, please review the article in the Portland… Read more >